21 September 2011


My office ceiling has been really loud today. Working in the old part of the museum (former Mount Moriah building), sounds seem to carry really well whenever anyone is in the sanctuary. This can be helpful at times such as when large groups come in the building without scheduling in advance. It can also be distracting such as when my tour groups are in the sanctuary making a lot of noise while working on projects. Fortunately I am not in my office during that noise, but my co-workers probably don't revel in the sounds of tour groups coming through their ceilings.

Today the noise isn't due to groups in the building, but rather the installation of the museum's newest exhibition, Selections from In Each Other's Shoes. This exhibition, which opens on Sunday, October 1, 2011, features several artworks by Baltimore artist Loring Cornish. He creates artwork from found objects, turning them into mosaics. The mosaics in the exhibit at the museum all center on the African American and Jewish history and culture and the ways they intersect with special focus on the Civil Rights Movement and the Holocaust.

The artworks arrived at the museum on Monday and are being installed on the first floor of the sanctuary all this week. Installation of these works is no easy task as they are quite large with many components and small pieces for the art handlers to accommodate. The exhibit pieces are actually so large they take up the entire main floor of the former sanctuary. As a result we will be hosting many upcoming programs in sites other than the Banneker-Douglass Museum.

Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming programs and their locations. Here are a few installation shots to give you an idea of what is coming in. Please be sure to join us for the opening reception of Selections from In Each Other's Shoes on October 2, 2011 from 1-3 p.m. at the museum.

07 September 2011

BDM Returns to Regular Hours

The BDM is now open Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 4pm.  Come visit us!